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You have been cordially invited to Linda’s party! (Yipee!) She hopes you have your gladrags on and ready for lovelyjubbly chittychat, chinwag, catch up. Starting the little soiree off with drinks and canapes which will then promptly follow onto a little boogie with everyone’s favourite hits. As you all know there will be cake, Linda never likes to disappoint her guests, so please do turn up with empty bellies ready to be full of fun by the end of the night! Please remember to take photos for the memories and smiles.

It all started with a cake. Women, cake and chaos. What does it mean to create the perfect woma-- cake? What does it even mean to be the perfect cake? LINDA(?) is a clown(ISH) piece exploding in response to these questions.

About this event:

Runtime is approximately 20 minutes.


A message from the artist

Continuously I am inspired by the mycellium network of people in my life, the brush encounters with strangers and the moments of stillness with nature. This particular piece came up unexpectedly, as journeys often are never straight forward from point A to B. The character of Linda(?) emerged from another project exploring through a collection of verbatim texts and as a response to one text in particular. There was a desire for playfulness and a slice of absurdity to play with and to find a mask that connected to this text. 

I didn’t want you cosy and neat and limited.

I didn’t want you to be understandable,


I wanted you to stay mad and limitless,

Neither bound to me nor bound to anyone else’s or your own preconceived idea of yourself.

-Margaret Tait


Creative team

Performer/Deviser: Ellie Brewster

Collaborators: Madison Weinhoffer, Lisa Kirchner

Photographer: Richu Joesph

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