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Gabe Igtanloc

Gabe Igtanloc is a Filipino-American theatre and dance artist from San Francisco, California.

Gabe is currently pursuing an MFA in Acting and Contemporary Performance Making at Columbia College Chicago and Arthaus Berlin where he is researching physical and devised theater techniques for the development of new performance work. 

Gabe graduated from San Diego State University in 2021 where he received a BA in Acting and Musical Theatre. While at SDSU, he participated in department and student productions and helped establish the Musical Theatre Club (SDSU MTC).  He sat as the club’s President and Artistic Director during the inaugural season to provide more performance and educational opportunities for undergraduate students. Upon graduation, Gabe received the prestigious Zahn Spirit of Innovation Award for his work with MTC and the School of Theatre, Television, and Film.  


In the past two summers, Gabe trained with the Verdon-Fosse Legacy in New York City to take part in their Professional Training Program, a summer intensive geared to give young dancers the opportunity to study the work of Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon and train in a diverse range of styles and cultural dance forms. He was a part of the inaugural year of PTP and will be returning in 2023 as an assistant to the program.


His professional work includes Jesca Prudencio’s Can We Now? as an ensemble member, San Diego Musical Theater’s She Loves Me as the associate choreographer, and Stephen Brotebeck's short film Sharing the Love. He has also performed around the world in renowned venues, such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, Carnegie Hall, San Francisco’s Orpheum Theater with Susan Boyle, and Seoul Arts Center Opera House with the Ragazzi Boys Chorus. 


Gabe loves to throw themed cocktails parties, practices a range of sword fighting techniques, and enjoys the beauty of life. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany.


Where do we go when we die? For some it's an afterlife, some it's a black abyss, but what about a Ball? In the first iteration of The Last Ball, we dive into a different dual perspective of death. A perspective that includes sensuality, mystery, and beauty. The Last Ball is set in time at an underground techno club, not unlike those here in Berlin.

Using vocabulary from contact improvisation, contemporary dance, and jazz, the characters move through passages of pleasure, ecstasy and pain. 


Lecture: 10 minutes

Death Dance: 8 minutes

The Ball: 7 minutes


When the final scene: “The Ball” begins, we kindly ask you to dawn your mask or sunglasses to enhance your experience. Thank you for your cooperation.


(Content warnings: depictions of death, sexualized movement, and intense touch.)

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