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Laura Through Your Eyes

This is a 3 part theatrical performance. Each part explores a different theatrical realm: classical, screen, and bouffant/experimental. All of the differing parts will be exploring the same character from an American classic, Laura from Tennessee William’s Glass Menagerie. 


It explores the relationship between psychological pain and it’s physical manifestations, living with disabilities, and loneliness.

About the Artist

Reilly Arena is a bell pepper enthusiast, professional over-thinker, proud momma’s girls, singer, student of religion, world traveler,and hedgehog lover. But above all else, Reilly Arena is a performer. Shes been on the stage since as far back as she can possibly remember. She’s had professional voice training for over 15 years and can be found singing loudly in her apartment until her neighbors complain. 

She has professional training in Alexander Technique, Linklater vocal work, Fitzmaurice vocal work, Meisner, Stanislavsky, Stella Adler, and Lee Strasberg techniques. The lady holds a special lodging in h’r hearts chambers for h’r many years of teachings of the Bard under the tutelage of the Minnesota/Guthrie Theatre BFA actor training program. Her training and performance repertoire come from a wide variety of institutions including the American Conservatory Theatre, Stella Adler Studio in NYC, Tectonic Theatre Company, Groundlings, and most currently, Arthaus Berlin. She also holds a regular person degree : BA in Liberal Arts from the top nationally ranked University of Virginia.

She has worked professionally in NYC with her Off-Broadway theatre festival one woman show of George Orwell’s Animal Farm which she wrote, directed, produced, and starred in herself as well as a devised performance of Brecht’s Good Woman of Szechuan with Tectonic Theatre Company.

She has also worked professionally as an actress and voice over artist in Los Angeles, but this relationship did not last too long because she found that the stage is her one and only true love. 

She can’t wait to scream, sing, pantomime, act, dance, and poetically embody the stories that are most important to her and the world around her for the rest of her life. 

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