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Kelly Kiesewetter

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About the Artist

Kelly is an actor and performer. Born in Germany to a Cameroonian mother and an Angolan father, and raised in the United Kingdom, Kelly's multicultural background and life experiences deeply influence his approach to collaborative work environments and projects that uplift and celebrate differences in opinions, stances, and approaches to life with overarching sympathy, consideration, and understanding. From a young age, Kelly has shown a passion for kindness and connection with people through art, honing his fertile imagination as a child in his notebooks and performances in front of friends and family in his childhood living room.

While attending secondary school and sixth form, Kelly began his formal training in the arts through drama and theatre classes, as well as participating in numerous school and local productions, notably as the lovable Lion in the musical theatre re-imagination of the 1978 musical film "The Wiz" at the Mumford Theatre and an abridged version of Ibsen's "A Doll's House" at the Junction, both in Cambridge.

During his teenage years, Kelly began to become interested in creating original theatre work with colleagues and schoolmates, eventually leading him to deepen his understanding and expertise in his craft as a collaborative performer by obtaining a Master's degree in Devised Theatre and Performance from Rose Bruford College and Arthaus Berlin. The nature of devised theatre and this period of his life sparked his interest in the relationship between performer and audience and to investigate effective ways to use theatre not only as a source of entertainment but also as an active conversation and exchange between the two. Kelly's original work has often been characterised by its soft and gentle approach to topics about life as a 20-something-year-old through movement, sound and visual effects. He strives to keep theatre a popular social activity and event for his generation by exploring topics he senses and understands to be vital markers of our times. However, any generation can relate to his attempt to promote kindness and self-discovery through his work.

Kelly is known for his hard-working and collaborative spirit, eagerly lending his performance and movement skills to enhance the ideas of others. His passion for theatre and performance often finds him in the studio working late to fine-tune his ability to be present, graceful, and engaging onstage.

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