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The work in progress "AITONA" deals with grief, and what fills the mind when we face the void left by a loved one.


This is a poem related to the piece: 

- Beberme en tus manos la vida- 


Que tu muerte no sea en valde 

que llene de tu conocimiento mi alma 

que tu ausencia tenga un sentido 

lo pido 

lo exprimo 

que me beba tu experiencia en mis manos 

que tu vida nutra la mía 

que tenga una sentido la vida 

que tenga un sentido el unido 

que tenga un flujo de amor 

que tenga un sentido la muerte 

que tenga quizá un por qué



- To drink life into my hands from yours-

May your death not be in vain 

may it fill my soul with your knowledge 

may your absence have a meaning 

I ask 

I demand 

may I drink your experience into my hands 

may your life nourish mine 

may life have a meaning 

may union have a meaning 

may there be a flow of love 

may death have a meaning 

may there perhaps be a reason why

About the Artist

Lide Martinez is an international actress and theatrical performer who, after completing her degree in text based Acting at RESAD (Madrid), has travelled around Europe to further her training, this has brought her to Berlin, but also to a semester in the Lithuanian Music and Theater Academy (Vilnius).


After finishing the school, Lide has collaborated with the Danish company Del Flyvende Teater in the shows “Maiden”, “Kunstbulance” and “Super Ole” and travelled through: Denmark, Hungary, Spain, India, Israel, Poland, Austria and Slovakia.

Between 2019 and 2021 she created two companies in Spain together with other collaborators: “daikiri teatro” and “la frágil” with whom the plays “Millennial Summer” and “Nuestros hijos (Our sons)” were created.


Her acting training also includes the coaches Bernard Hiller (LA), Fernando Piernas (Arg.), John Strasberg (NY), a  year of scenic investigation with the Spanish director Carlos Tuñón, and a workshop with the Iranian director Asghar Farhadi.


She enjoys very much the work of the Spanish companies Teatro en Vilo (created in the formed LISPA) and La Tristura.


She would describe her work as 




Connected to the body and memories


Her works reflect about, family, friendships, love and human connections.


In these two years of study at Art.Haus, her focus has been on the body and on awakening curiosity and the playfulness.

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