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Embodied Dramaturgy 2019/20

Arthaus Berlin

Welcome to our creative sharing for the 2019-2020 Embodied Dramaturgy Program. The work you are about to witness is a glimpse into the individual and collective journey we as an international cohort have embarked on throughout our second year at Arthaus. 


As theatre makers we would have loved to share this with you in a full house, surrounded by our fellow students, teachers, friends, and loved ones. However, as has been customary for much of our world during Covid-19, we have been called on to reevaluate. By shifting our lens to walk temporarily out of the physical space and into the digital, we have found new questions, new answers, and a virtual forum. 


Following our evenings of performances we would have accepted donations to go towards the cost of food and drink. We would like to do something different now, and acknowledge the ongoing struggles in many countries represented through our cultural backgrounds. If you are able, we ask that you please consider making a donation to any of the following organizations we wish to individually support: Black Visions Collective, The Equal Justice Initiative, Kesha Niya Refugee Community Aid, Malala Fund, Norwegian People’s Aid, United Nations Children’s Fund, Black Businesses in Minneapolis.


The Embodied Dramaturgy Crew


Madeleine Albert

Madeleine Albert is an artist based in Berlin. She trained in Classical Voice at L’Université de Moncton, Canada. Her two years at Arthaus allowed her to deeply explore the meaning of the self, through movement and embodied drawing practice, which guided her to the process of individuation. At this moment of her artistic journey, she is interested in connecting the personal, transpersonal and liminoid spaces in a piece of art that will allow her audience to have their own journey into the self.


Sigrun Hasselgård Bøe

Sigrun (Ru) Hasselgård Bøe is a Norwegian performer, theatre maker and choreographer currently based in Norway. Her research project MIANDRY is a toe-dipping exploration in the fields of clown and physical comedy though the format of silent film. All the scenes are filmed just once with the intention of the now-or-never moments in live theatre. MIANDRY is a lighthearted, frisky quest in the themes of waiting, wanting, sexuality, love and fighting against nature. Literally.


Samuel Fiorillo

I'm a theatre maker (and I guess now a sometimes filmmaker) from the US. Before coming to Arthaus to study, I was creating living room performance dinners from my home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I spent the last summer training with Ikarus Theater Arts at Odin Teatret in Denmark.  I am making things to give things.


Karla Franco

Mexican, performer, creator of poetry, images and hopefully encounters. I like to think that beauty is in honesty and theater is an open space to breathe together. My platform is theater and collective memory is my tool to find connections with the world. My work now is fragmented into photography, encounters in a basement and storytelling. That's how She remains.

Maureen Gleason

Maureen Gleason is an artist based in Berlin. She has trained as an actor at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, MN and at Shakespeare’s Globe in London, UK. Currently, Maureen is working to integrate the feminine principle and the body through vocal vibration. Maureen’s research themes focus on the transpersonal space, the liminoid space and individuation. She is a gardener, a poet, a mover and a knitter.


Sophia Hubmann

Sophia Hubmann has followed her curiosity to study diverse matters: from cells, to teeth, to humans, to movement, and finally to performative arts. Recently she has acquainted herself with stop motion and paper puppetry; by these means she is now exploring the relations between the dramatic and comedic space. Here is a teaser to her movie in progress, “Norma“.


Sunniva Birkeland Johansen

Go To Project

Sunniva Birkeland Johansen is a Northern Norwegian artist who, after her two years of training at Arthaus Berlin, is currently based in the Lofoten Islands. HABITAT is a collaborative piece of work and the artist’s first dip into the universe of filmmaking.


Sasha Radlov

Sasha Radlov is a Russian theatre maker based in Berlin. His project was made in collaboration with Lia Schädler a Swiss physical theatre actress who graduated from Academia Teatro Dimitri. We invite you to an audio adventure gathered from our research into the lives and perspectives of insects. In our work we have been exploring themes of Anthropocentrism, interspecies relationships, the overlooked and the stepped upon. 

These creatures have stories to share, 

we welcome you to listen.  

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-14 at 3.05.00 PM

Ruthie Scarpino

Ruthie Scarpino is a performance artist hailing from the wilds of Maine. Ruthie believes art—in all its forms— has the ability to enrich beyond individual disciplines; creating work that engages communities beyond entertainment alone. STUCK explores where Mask, Theatre, and Circus converge. The scene is an inquiry into creating ensembles alone. Each piece was filmed in real time and compiled together, creating the illusion of ensemble in shared space. For a look at past work, click here.

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