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A Message from our Producer

I have been a member of faculty for / since 2018. From the moment school director Thomas Prattki invited me along to some presentations to ‘get a feel’ for the school, I knew it was a magical place. The students work was bursting with embodied emotion, physical intelligence and raw potential. offers practitioners from around the world a space for advanced training and research in devised theatre and performance, whether for workshops, intensives or full-time programmes. Full-time students can complete their studies with an MA or MFA degree in collaboration with Columbia College Chicago or Rose Bruford College in London or with a certificate of completed studies from All our students are encouraged to be bold, audacious but always authentic. The pieces you will witness were devised by students in the Embodied Dramaturgy programme and also alumni from recent years. Some are completed, some are in completion and some are still beautifully experimental. It has been my absolute pleasure to act as the ’bridge’ between Berlin and Poznan and bring the work of for the first time to our friends at Tlusta Langusta as part of the Malta Festival, 2022.


Rachel Karafistan, Cosmino Productions

Tłusta Langusta
ul. Gwarna 11 61-702 Poznań, PL

Arthaus BERLIN presentS their work



MON 27.06

Memories That Never Were



An intimate encounter between a performer and audience, where old and new memories are being created. Sorting dust into memories that never were… Photo credit: Dylan Lee Lowry.

Performer: Shai Cohen

TUE 28.06

Comme se fa’?


After days of rain… finally a ray of sun! A woman, living in a ground floor dwelling of Naples (Italy), comes out onto the street to lay to dry letters that have never been sent. A funny, tiny Odyssey begins. Note: drops of water may reach the audience.

Performer: Ilaria De Luca Collaborator: Lucy Fourgs

WED 28.06




The exploration of one moment inside a never-ending journey with body, stone and a lullaby.

"Camì camò you're spiraling down to the land of sleep, Camì camò you're sleeping quietly, Camì camò water rocks you, Camì camò it doesn't matter..."

Performer: Camilla Barbera

MON 27.06




A journey of a young heroine who dreams of traveling the world. Through her friendship and relationship with her culture, Cire struggles with her personal beliefs and cultural expectations. Will she conform, or will her imagination lead to her freedom?

Performers: Fynta Sidime, Astan Meyer

Recommended Ages 10+

TUE 28.06


Poland Promo image.JPEG

Inspired by the folktales and fairytales that shaped her childhood, Abbi tells a new story about three women, their extraordinary voices, and what happens to the beautiful things we keep in the dark.

Perfomer: Abbi Manoucheri Composer/Musician: Andrew Manoucheri

WED 29.06 

Moving Grounds



A daughter, mother and grandmother all carry and give to each other. Through soil and words they pass and pass on trans generational "gifts".

Performer: Lucy Fourgs Collaborator: Ilaria De Luca

MON 27.06




It started with a cake. Women, cake and chaos. What does it mean to create the perfect woma-- cake? What does it mean to be the perfect cake? LINDA(?) is a clown(ISH) piece exploding in response to these questions. 

Performer: Eleanor Brewster Creative Assistance: Lisa Kirchner, Madison Weinhoffer, Richu Joesph and others

Recommended Ages 14+

TUE 28.06

Untitled Women


Edward Hopper.jpg

Taking inspiration from myth and disgust from reality; this absurdist theater piece is haunted by misogyny and the trappings of power politics. Image credit: Automat, by Edward Hopper (1927)

Performers: Imogen Pickles, Camilla Barbera, Ilaria De Luca, Lucy Fourgs

Reccomended Ages 13+ Allusion to rape and murder.

WED 29.06



In a performance set for an intimate audience, opening the world of clown with a hand-made aesthetic, Kopfkino invites you into a space where fantasy and reality intersect. Where joy and despair sit next to each other watching the sunset.

Perfomer/Artist: Lindsey Ball Tech: Jean-Charles Vallet Crankie Text inspired by Elisa Valdes Music: Fourth Series, Part IV (Mad Rush) by Phillip Glass

MON 27.06




This darkly comic piece explores the uneasy territory of repressed desire. In the all-singing, all-dancing playground of female pleasure, the boundaries of what you really want and what you let yourself do will be tested. A quest for total joy. Photo credit: Veronica Vitocek

Performer: Theresa Pflügler Director: Michelle Madsen

Recommended Ages 16+

TUE 28.06

Opening Otherness


Opening otherness _final draft flyer.jpeg

Devised from real stories of international artists who endure the struggles or conflicts of being an outcast. Through puppetry and storytelling, the audience is given a glimpse into the perspective of the other.

Performers: Andreea Rogoveanu Andra Brebu Ichim Irina Cătălina Tudorache Alexandru Cruceru Surulescu Madison Weinhoffer Alessandra Petrosca Gicu/Oscar the Puppet Creative Team: Director: Jazmine Alicia Reynoso Writer: Julia Farcas Music Composer: Analia Lentini Puppet Designer & Maker: Madison Weinhoffer Graphic Designer: Chad-lee Brown

WED 29.06



Manifest Destiny Poster.jpg

This promenade-style performance is an immersive, musical journey into the underbelly of a broken nation. Through pop songs, theatrical effects, and visual storytelling, Manifest Destiny explores how radicalization thrives within the cultural and historical fabric of the USA.

Performer: Ben Wippel Tech and Audience Guides: Jean-Charles Vallet, Madison Weinhoffer, Shai Cohen

Reccomended Ages 16+ Not suitable for children. Provocative material involving guns, nudity, offensive language and violent symbolism. Flashing lights, darkness, loud sounds, and small spaces. Audience will be required to move through spaces.

MON 27.06

band practice


1_1ratio poster.png

Band Practice is a musical improv comedy. Ash and Lisa want to be in a band but need some help. The audience is invited to choose their setlist and join the madcap musical journey.

Performers: Ash - Lisa Lisa - Ash

May contain explicit content. Performers are sensitive to young viewers.

TUE 28.06? (TBD)



Perfroma_Imogen Pickles.jpg

A work in motion that plays with repetitions everyday gestures and the now. Five5Six6Seven7Eight8. Shall we go again? Make it a double. Repeat the retake the rework the replica reframe the rehearsed: a g a i n.



Performers: Imogen Pickels, Camilla Barbera, Ilaria De Luca, Lucy Fourgs

The Artists

Lindsey Ball


Lindsey (they/them) is an artist, maker, clown, and crybaby. A native Texan (USA) and recent MFA graduate, Ball yearns to make work that embraces messy feelings. Work that is both often brave and silly, especially with a bend towards a DIY aesthetic.

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Lucy Fourgs


Lucy is a performer and theater maker. After graduating from University of York with a BA in Theatre: writing directing and performing she came to Berlin to participate in the two year program in Arthaus. She is interested in mixing mediums to tell stories.

Fynta Sidime


Fynta is a Guinean-American performer, storyteller, and theater-maker, Born in New York, the Bronx, and raised in Guinea, West Africa. Fynta obtained her Bachelor's degree of Arts in 2015, studying Theater and Dance from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. She recently completed her two-year master of fine Arts program from Columbia College Chicago and Arthuas LISPA.

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Camilla Barbera


Camilla (she/her), born in Torino (Italy), is a theatre practitioner. After after several years of theatre practice (with different techniques and styles, in particular Meisner technique), and dance (hip-hop, contemporary and acrobatic), she enrolled in Arthaus Berlin. She approaches creation through embodying dreams and images with a very interdisciplinary approach.

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Abbi Manoucheri


Abbi is a performing artist from the US with an MFA in Devised Performance from Columbia College Chicago. A multi-faceted and collaborative artist, she is interested in the old stories that shape us, and the way that music and the storytelling form can work together to transcend our experience.

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Ash Willison
Lisa Ullrich

1_1 ratio profile pic.png

Ash is a multi-media artist and producer working in interdisciplinary collaboration and exploration. Lisa is an actor and singer and has appeared internationally on stage and screen. We come from complex and confusing multi-cultural backgrounds but have found homes in theatre. Our creative practice revolves around cutting up old love letters, poems, and shopping lists to write original songs. We use music to understand narrative, our world and ourselves in new ways.

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Eleanor Brewster


Eleanor is a theatre-maker from the UK, currently based in Berlin. Her work values curiosity, intuition and honesty. Eleanor’s research often centres around verbatim text and lived experiences of people or spaces she encounters; often working with the clown and imagery as a mode of discovery.

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Theresa Pflügler

Theresa_Pflügler_head shot.JPG

Theresa Pflügler is an Austrian performer, director and pedagogue. She is co-founder and director of the company Rhizomatic Circus (ID-entity; amorph). Her latest directorial work is a platform piece (Wir Sind Aber Da!) about climate justice with Theater TamTam. Theresa is currently working on her first solo bouffon performance production.

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Ben Wippel

BWippel Headshot 03 Stripes B.jpg

Ben is a Berlin-based theater-maker from Seattle who has worked as a performer, vocal coach, and teacher. After studying at Arthaus Berlin and receiving a Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre, he has begun collaborating with international artists to create immersive, social-political spectacles that challenge audiences expectations of entertainment.

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Shai Cohen


Shai is an Israeli multidisciplinary artist. She comes from a world of physical theatre, clowning, puppetry and object theatre. Her creation emerges and is based on aesthetics & imagery.

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Imogen Pickles

Imogen Pickles Headshot.jpg

Imogen is a dancer, writer, and producer. After graduating from King’s College London with B.A Hons in English Literature. Imogen worked in New York as a dancer, producer, curator, and dramaturg. In 2020, she enrolled in the Master's program of Devised Theater & Performance at Art Haus Berlin, Germany.

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Ilaria De Luca


Ilaria approached performing arts through classical and contemporary dance courses in Naples and in Cairo. After a diploma course at Moveo (Physical Theatre and Corporeal Mime Centre) in Barcelona, she has moved to Berlin to participate to the Arthaus Berlin’s “Devising Theatre” and “Embodied Dramaturgy” programs.

Jazmine Alicia Reynoso

headshot for now.jpeg

Jazmine is a multi-disciplinary artist that explores frames of puppetry and youth educational theatre. You could read about her recent work that she directed, Opening Otherness, in the Bucharest Daily Magazine. She also created the collective, Casual Collision, to open a safe and accessible space for BIPOC, neo-diverse, and/or LGBTQ+ artists.

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