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Amberly Plourde

Amberly is an American Canadian actor and theatre practitioner with a passion for Theater for Young Audiences and telling stories that delight, unify, and heal. Amberly began her Theater for Young Audiences journey with Brigham Young University’s Young Company public school tours (USA). She then performed and developed educational programming for the Fort Museum and Blackfoot Interpretive Center, and helped found the Teenie Weenie Theater company in Waterton Lakes National Park (Canada). She studied Theater Education at Brigham Young University, and afterwards taught Drama/Theater in public schools (grades K-9) for 5 years. Currently she is a graduate student at Columbia College Chicago studying Acting and Contemporary Performance Making in partnership with Arthaus International. Her performance research explores themes of home, displacement, mental health, and family. Her favourite mediums include puppetry, comedy, and physical theatre as she seeks to help children and youth bond with their greater communities.


A woman, driven from home and in search of her lost love. Thrown into the harsh unknown, where the line between illusion and truth is hard to decipher, and friends and enemies often share the same face. The only path back to love and home is forward, through the forest…


This work in progress is a fairytale adaptation of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem Evangeline. An ensemble based piece, that utilises the poetry of movement, light, and puppetry to explore themes of hope and darkness.


Development of the fairytale form,  ensemble/puppeteers, and themes was heavily influenced by Brian Kershisnik’s painting She Will Find What Is Lost (pictured below).

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