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Dari Caldwell

Dari Caldwell is an African American actress, writer and devisor currently getting her MFA in devised physical theatre at Columbia College of Chicago and Arthaus Berlin. She's currently living and working out of Berlin.


It's only recently that she's truly discovered what it means to trust her process. Creating art is usually filled with stressful days and sleepless nights, but she is learning how to find the beauty in those moments. The clarity. Devised theatre has challenged and stretched her into uncovering new talents she didn’t know she possessed. 


And isn’t that life, a process of growth? Always changing. Always in a state of discovery. She strives to create art that continuously pushes, art that doesn't fade, but expands. She has a universe of untold stories inside her that are brimming to come out. The art she creates will always be first and foremost for the black diaspora.


Her work usually includes themes of heritage and ancestry, depression, and anxiety, as well as endings, beginnings, and rebirth. She has a deep love for mythology and often uses elements from them to help tell her stories. Her work often comes out in the form of fantastical or surrealist. Through her work the voice has always been an important part on how she creates an atmosphere for the audience most importantly, how she finds her way inside her work.


A talent that she loves to brag about is crotcheting, and one that not many people know about is that she can weld, a random yet useful skill if ever presented the opportunity to use it.



The Trials of Atlas


Here we go again,

Carefully carrying your burden, so you can walk free.

Here we go again,

A nanny, mother, and therapist, a black woman’s ‘Divine Trinity’.

Here we go again,

Built to endure, and you test that theory as you pile on and on and on.

And I let you, because what else am I to do?

So here we are again,

Head heavy, and crownless.

Standing at the precipice,

Back bent from trial and labor.

Praying for divine intervention,

Hoping gravity will take its course,



Here we go again.


CONTENT WARNING: Consistent low drone


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