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Sophia Lanza-Weil

Sophia Lanza-Weil is a multi-disciplinary performing artist and storyteller based in Oakland, California.  She is a current MFA candidate (Columbia College Chicago/ArtHaus Berlin) in devised and physical theatre practices, with particular focus on puppetry and singing.

Sophia is inspired to create theatre that is often humorous, sometimes dark, and always striving to tell meaningful truths.  Her work stems from her own experiences as a queer, white, fat, Jewish femme, and is influenced by her experiences both as a person with a history of depression and other mental health challenges, and by her two decades working as a community organizer in the United States.  Sophia is both a solo creator and an ensemble deviser; and finds deep meaning and joy in both.

In addition to devising original work, Sophia is an actor and musical theatre performer with a particular love of Shakespeare, Sondheim, non-traditional casting, and storytelling through music.  She is also an Argentinian tango dancer; facilitator and consultant with non-profits; and a voracious reader.

In addition to the MFA in Acting and Contemporary Performance Making, Sophia has trained at the A.C.T. Summer Training Congress; The Actors Space SF; Berkeley Playhouse; and Rebecca Castelli Studio (voice).  She has performed across the Bay Area, including as an inaugural member of The Actors Space Company; in Chicago; and Berlin.



When F’s anxiety gets to be too much, she pleads for someone to make it quiet in her mind.  But when that wish is granted, F discovers that quiet in the mind isn’t the same as contentment, and the choices she must make to find internal balance may lead her to greater challenges before the end.

The Desert of Forgetting is a workshop/in-process performance of the second act of a three-act story which is an allegorical exploration of mental health.

Content warnings: 

This show contains references to mental health challenges, depression, and anxiety.  

There is a high-pitched tone that lasts approximately 30 seconds near the start of the piece.

**Please note: Audience members will be required to wear a mask to attend this performance**

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