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Katharina von Sohlern
Artist Program

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Intervention: Bluey Gloves


Bluey Gloves is the first speculative design object that we developed as part of the "Unsee the known“ project.

"Unseen the known" is an interactive, collaborative, and co-creative theater project that addresses the intersections of critical design, performance art, and gender studies. 


The project allows audiences to trace how patriarchal power structures are reflected in the design of everyday objects. We humorously reveal the genesis of a world that has been dominated by male needs for centuries.


The Critical Design approach uses design concepts to challenge limited hypotheses, preconceived notions, and taken-for-granted notions about the role of products in everyday life. Speculative objects go a step further, translating alternative concepts and modes of action beyond the status quo into imagined everyday objects. They serve as a material manifestation of ideas and conceptions and can provoke debates through exaggeration or humorous distortion.


ARTISTS: Katharina von Sohlern, Katrina Günther, Sarah Schäfer, Sebastian Drab

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