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Marie Güsewell
Artist Program

A message from the artist...

Is she hope? is an installation piece that invites the audience into a moment of the artist’s research and creation journey.

The field of research for this project is vast, rich and complex – The forest.

The forest as a fundament for life on Earth. 

The forest as a refuge from the city and from loneliness. 

The forest as a place in danger due to deforestation and climate change.

The forest as a home of fairies, witches, wise women and other mythical beings. 

The forest as a place of transformation and initiation. 

The forest as a metaphor for how connections and interdependence are the roots of our life. 

The forest as an inner landscape. 


Connected to this is an interest in how fairy tales and myths create metaphorical spaces that both reflect on and influence how we connect and interact with each other as well as with the whole living world. I sense there is a correlation between a weak connection to these tales in today’s modern societies and our (potentially) destructive estrangement from nature. 


From these explorations is emerging a female creature – somehow ambiguous, probably otherworldly, partly a wreck, from the past, now and future, knowing and innocent. Her name might be Hope. And you might meet her.

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Marie Güsewell_Is she hope
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