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Pierre Bouvery
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A Collection of Poems


Good Questions to Pose (Mask: Accountability, community, individuality, severity)


What does it mean to be a man.

How does a man take accountability for his mistakes?

How does a man accept his mistakes?


How does a man contribute to enhancing community?


How does a man truly embrace himself?


How does a man decide proper action?

Balanced equals proper.


How would your grandfather interpret the question - What does it mean to be a man?

Your father, your contemporaries… 


Shame released can be a kind of pleasure 


No More (Mask: Resistance, Defensive, Dealing with excessive external pain)


Wretched noise

Needless strife

Maddening pleas

Burping lies

Farting toxins

Seething rage

Canceling culture

Resentful teachers

Buried truths

Slandering bigotry

Forced miseries

Horny priests

Frenzy arms

Broken pacts

Stolen money

Racial misogyny

Ravenous men

Vain women

Lonely children

Spiteful stupidity

Pretentious pride

Weary fights

Obsessing politics

Smooching attention

Banishing tricksters

Forgoing democracy

Praising tyranny

Imprisoned souls

Burdened despairs

Forgetting things

Ending the

No Mores.


Four Manly Parts (Mask: Guiding, insightful, hierophant with wisdom on masculine ideals) 

Grandeur comes by their touch,

Of tastes, scents, and emotions,

Moved onto teetering full ballads,

The essence of a manly lover,


Wise viewing multiple worlds,

Commanding secrets sought,

Used in pursuit for the others,

The essence of a manly magician,


Fierce in their mighty physique,

Determined to overcome obstacles,

Honorable and respectful will,

The essence of a manly warrior,


Omnipotent of sight, hand and wand,

Leading adamant charges advised,

Carrying roars of devoted allies,

The essence of a manly king 


Combined make male spirit

To foster his own heart fully

Strung by muscle and mind

The essence of a full man


Admitting My Shadow (Mask: Admitting difficulty of secrets in joking, prideful manner)

Writing down my terrible traits is hard,

Every scribbling on paper is a heavy lard,

Singing sins of past and present like a bard,

Out in the open while I clean my own yard,


Secrets of smut and strife are rich for foes,

Searching for any tabs to chop off my toes,

Vulnerable for I to share all of these knows,

Now, I am higher, not brought to their lows. 


Man Club (Mask: A clown's perception of a hazer promoting masculinity for a club) 

"Scoffy Boys, Come.

Come here! listen.

You have muscles?

You make love?

You earn money?

If answers' no,

Here's the place:

The manliest club!

Holding beer contests,

Playing only sports,

Pumping our abbs,

Kicking losers down

Cause we're winners!

By our flag,

Join the gang

Become a man!"

So he says.