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Hannah Flittig Aardalen

Hannah Flittig Aardalan is a multidisciplinary artist from Norway, based in Oslo and now Berlin. 


Hannah carries a huge source of energy for creating art and lives for presence. Her love of improvisation and spontaneity is prominent in her way of working. She also constructs complex pieces of music within the realm of electronic music, but also loves to play organic instruments and use her voice. Hannah explores multiple forms of art whether it is devised theater, folklore storytelling, mask-making, music production, DJ’ing or painting.

“When I was five years old, I started acting in the local theater in my small hometown, in Norway. The first character I got to play was a circus performer in “Pinocchio” and my skill as a circus-performer was to pass a big colorful ball to my fellow circus-companions. I remember this simple collective action on stage, which brought to me a unique feeling of joy. Since then, I have never stopped being in the creative processes of art.”
Hannah Flittig Aardalen


Hannah has a diverse journey of education. It started off with Rhythmical music & studiowork. Then after, Arts and Crafts, both in the University of South-East Norway in her own hometown, Notodden. She continued by moving to Norway's capital, Oslo, completing a bachelor degree of Drama and theater communication in Oslo Metropolitan University. In addition to studying art, she studied Development (Oslo Metropolitan University), which took place in both Vietnam and Ghana within one year. She is now currently finishing her MFA-degree in Devised theater and performance, Embodied dramaturgy in Arthaus Berlin. 


Hannah is a theater practitioner who is drawn to the traditions and contemporary fields of physical theatre. Specifically, a theater that struck her body was when she first experienced a performance in Grusomhetens Teater in Oslo. She had never seen any theater like it and for her it was alive. Grusomhetens teater creates performances within the physical tradition and draws its fundamental inspiration from Antonin Artauds visions of an anatomic theater. They create theater with the body’s own musicality, its breath and poetry, as the beginning of all action. This theater does not seek to reproduce realistic reality so that it can be recognized, but to tell something about the core of life that lies in every genuine experience. She became completely obsessed with this theatrical universe based of Antonin Artauds philosophy and manifests of theatre. She knew she wanted to work with this company and after participating in a workshop there, she was casted to perform the piece “Lament III” created by Lars Øyno. 


Hannah is herself a creator who lives for presence, body awareness and deep listening. This is about the process of making art, and the process of making art is to be present with the process of her own life and life around her. The goal is never to produce art for the sake of making art, but to explore and research things that is resonating with her and to share this with an audience who will experience and reflect on the process of art together with her. For her audience, she believes they deserve to experience something they can listen to, be provoked by and to see themselves. 


In collaboration with other artists, Hannah enjoys getting new and opposite impulses of people different from her. Although it can be a challenging process; she believes that rich inspiration comes from provocations in a collective creative environment.

“Art is the space to express myself with others to comment on our       universe, life and society in different ways.”


Hannah Flittig Aardalen


Length: 30 minute soundscape 

Lecture: 10 minutes 



You are either lying or sitting still. On a mat or a chair. You are surrounded by fellow audience members and an enormous soundscape and lights of our universe. Place your hands on your chest or your belly. Feel your ribcage expand while you’re breathing. Do you ever observe a breath? Like… once a day? Can you listen to your body? What is this body? Who am I? Who are we? How do we think and live our life? 


This is a transpersonal participatory listening space where the audience is invited to sit or lay comfortably in the space. You will experience an ambient mythic soundscape that includes both body and mind-provoking questions that will attempt to make you aware of yourself as an individual and social human being.  A journey that will make the audience go into a state of listening.  A space where you can just…listen. Not only “listen to music”, but to listen to yourself in a room with others. To listen to you and us simply being. Stimulated by a minimalistic soundscape and light color changes. 


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