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Isa Lugo-Malavé

Isa Lugo-Malavé is a non-binary actor, artist, and performer from San Germán, Puerto Rico.  Isa is currently doing their Master’s in Fine Arts at Columbia College Chicago and Arthaus.Berlin in Acting and Contemporary Performance Making focusing on Embodied dramaturgy and devised theater.


Isa has been a writer, director, actor, and a deviser in multiple theater productions as Parada, La Casa de Bernarda Alba, Bodas de Sangre, Brave Women: an exploration on Vasilisa and Baba Yaga, The Other Side/El Otro Lado, etc. Since last year Isa has been developing a devise formula which requires paints as a starting point to write stories, poems, or plays. They are still researching this to see how far they can go.


They are right now based in Berlin, Germany in the process of finishing their masters. Some of the future plans that Isa have is to create more spaces for queers creators, actors, artists and performers to develop their work.

Scene 7
“Profunda Muerte: La Vida y Muerte de Rojo Profundo”
(Deep Death: The Life and Death of Deep Red)
by Isa Lugo-Malavé

La escena es el momento introductorio del personaje Itimoea Purpúrea, conocide como Azul Hielo, une bruje de este mundo mágico creado por le autore. ¿Que haces cuando estás sole en tu trono? ¿A dónde tú mente viaja? ¿Cómo te auto-analizas en tu soledad? ¿Y qué haces cuando te enfrentas a tu pasado? 


The scene is the introductory moment of the character Itimoea Purpúrea, known as Ice Blue, a wix from the magical world created by the author. What do you do when you're alone on your throne? Where does your mind travel? How do you auto-analyze your loneliness? And what do you do when you face your past?


Wix is the term that the author uses to describe a non binary witch or a warlock.


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