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Opening Otherness


Other: member of a dominated out-group, whose identity is considered lacking and who may be subject to discrimination by the in-group

Othering: transforming a difference into otherness so as to create an in-group and an out- group

Otherness: characteristic of the Other

In-group: a group to which the speaker, the person spoken of, etc. belongs

Out-group: a group to which the speaker, person spoken of, etc. does not belong

International Encyclopedia of Human Geography 2008 Edition by Elsevier

What is otherness?

Over the course of two months, this show was developed with a group of performers in Bucharest, Romania exploring this ideology to define the meaning for themselves. How can we appreciate and give gratitude to those who fall into the category of other? What does it mean in our present time to be other?

Devised from real stories interviewed by artists from different parts of the world who endure the struggles or conflicts of being an outcast. The director found solace through puppetry and storytelling to shine light on these experiences, sharing with the audience a glimpse into the perspective of the other. 

About this event:

This event will be presented as a filmed version of the performance with a talk back afterwards. This is a private event, so no tickets are required. Runtime is approximately 60 minutes.

A message from the artist

There’s a line in the show, “it feels like a long time coming, but it’s loud now and at the right time.” This is exactly how I felt when I started working on this project, and for the first time I was able to take a step back while developing over the last two years what’s been driving me inside that led me to creating this performance. My work is constantly reflecting the world we live in, so by challenging myself to dismantle these structures of society or perspectives that I’ve discovered when living abroad that perpetuate inequality. “You have to be comfortable with making other people uncomfortable,” by having uncomfortable and inappropriate images, ideas, or histories to be acknowledged and explored, instead of being ignored or looked down upon. It was time to talk about myself and my own journey for once, but also those who find themselves in the same space as me. To show them, they are not alone. 

 “We are able to share stories, we’re not just sharing these stories about our pain or hurt or being different but we’re also sharing love stories, friendships, we go through the same things.”

Creative team

Director: Jazmine Alicia Reynoso 

Producer: Mike Savuica

Collaborator: Unfortunate Thespians Theater Company

Scenic Designer: Cilem Turkoz

Filmmaker: Răducu Popa

Writer: Julia Farcas 

Dramaturge: Dan Boldea 

Music Composer: Analia Lentini

Puppet Designer & Maker: Madison Weinhoffer


Andreea Rogoveanu

Claudia Moroșanu 

Andra Brebu

Alis Nină

Lavinia Călinescu 

Radu Ureche

Nicoleta Marica

Alexandru Tihoan

Ichim Irina

Teodora Vasu 

Cătălina Tudorache

Lorena Luchian 

Alexandru Cruceru

Gicu/Oscar the Puppet

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