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Advanced Development Projects

3 Years. 3 Artists. 3 projects.

For the first time, Arthaus Berlin has launched an experimental initiative focused on the advanced development of research projects, for students who are interested in continuing their work for a third year to construct their vision for the public space. Private mentoring is the key component of this program, which removes structure and allows students to establish their personal creative practices and become autonomous professionals.

On this inaugural journey, these three artists forged separate paths towards the production of their projects, but they discovered a collective theme: identity. Like a prism, their work deconstructs and reflects on the many components that make up our identities, whether that be sexuality, gender, ethnicity, or nationality. Their combined research is presented as a trifecta of performances - a rainbow of diversity.

The Projects


18. May, 19:00 at Spinner und Weber

It all started with a cake. Women, cake and chaos. What does it mean to create the perfect woma- cake? What does it even mean to be the perfect cake? LINDA(?) is a clown(ISH) piece exploding in response to these questions. 

Opening otherness _final draft flyer.jpeg


8. June, 19:30 at Eden Studios

What is otherness? How can we appreciate and give gratitude to those who fall into the category of other? What does it mean in our present time to be other? Devised from real stories of artists around the world who endure the struggles or conflicts of being an outcast. Through puppetry and storytelling, the audience sees into the perspective of the other. 

Diary of a Hole Poster.png


18-19 June, 19:30 at The Knast

An immersive theatrical explosion of sexual freedom and identity. Staged in a former prison, guests are invited to explore rooms featuring art, stories, and performances inspired by gay sexuality. Experience outrageous comedy and intense intimacy in an absurd, dangerous world.

The Artists


ElEANOR Brewster

Eleanor is a theatre-maker originally from the UK who is currently based in Berlin. She is a recent graduate from and Rose Bruford College achieving her masters in Embodied Devised Theatre. Ellie was a recent artist resident at the Grotowski Institute where she continued to develop her piece ‘Let the B*TCH out’ which is a playful exploration into the experience of anger through womxn’s voices. She is co-founder of online collective DamenKreativ hosting events and an online journal. Her work values curiosity, intuition and honesty. Her research often centres around verbatim text and lived experiences working with the clown and imagery as a mode of discovery.


Jazmine Reynoso

Jazmine comes from San Francisco, but resides in Berlin, receiving her Masters in Advanced Devised Performance. She is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring puppetry, youth educational theatre, and green design productions. Through her research on immigration and themes of belonging, she found a strong connection to artists who also battle with racial imposter syndrome. As a US American whose mother migrated from the Philippines and father migrated from Mexico, Jazmine yearns for art as a means, not an end. This term reflects the hardships multi-racial communities face in appearance, characteristics, traditions and so on. By creating the collective, Casual Collision, she strives to create a safe and accessible space for BIPOC, neo-diverse, and/or LGBTQ+ Communities.

BWippel Headshot 03 Stripes B.jpg

Ben Wippel

Ben received his Theater BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, where he has worked as an actor, vocal coach, drama teacher, and producer. After studying at Arthaus Berlin and receiving an MFA from Columbia College Chicago, Ben has expanded into directing and creating original performance pieces, collaborating with artists around the world. Besides Diary of a Hole, Ben is also working on his immersive solo show, Manifest Destiny, which will have its first public performance at the Malta Festival in Poznań. He hopes to present more of his work in Berlin, the US, and any country willing to take a chance on socio-political spectacles.

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