23 may








24 may



 - taranta_ta


 - who's at

the door?

- side by side



- echoes

- the day i met aphrodite


25 may



jelle salon


circle songs


- i wrote you

a poem

- they walk the lines

- roma

- butterflies should fly


at the heart

of things




26 may




15:00 - 16:30

 countless lives (sound and video installation)


- ahoy!

- these little town blues

- the square. project

- birdsong

thursday 24th may


A physical comedy solo show without words from Inda Pereda.

friday 24th may



As within, so without, as above, so below.

written, directed and performed by Kanchi Thangadurai

thursday 23rd may

the day

i met aphrodite

What's in a myth?

written and performed by Georgina Edwards


From the ritual of Taranta, practiced in south of Italy and rooted in ancient times, to voices of contemporary era. Questioning about personal cages and liberations.


performed and directed by Angela Monaco


Singing: Sarai Merodio Ogara

Guitar and looper: Thomas Mayer

Tamburello: Margherita D'Amelio


Video: Eleonora Sovrani


Technical team: Hui Tsyr Yang, Despina Filippidou, Paulina Szczęsna


" A journey to the world of dreams, the subconscious and the voice that we have forgotten"

written by Sarai Barranco

who's at

the door,

we can't

be sure

A new physical comedy by Gut Buddies.

side by side

There are two bodies in the space. The shapes between them are countless. They create various rhythms that rise to the surface. The beat of their hearts is different. A palette of colours. A variety of body qualities. They are listening. They are exploring each other. They are speaking, whispering, singing…



Celebrating the dance of creation, destruction and preservation that pervades all things.

written and performed by Kanchi Thangadurai

saturday 25th may

circle songs

Spontaneous music creation using the voices of the humans who attend, in the styles of Bobby McFerrin, Voicestra, Roger Treece, Albert Hera etc.

No previous experience necessary - join in or just come by and listen!

Led by Patrick Soul


i wrote you a poem

In the meantime, days will pass

Dry leaves will fall,

and new ones will appear

And we will ask: When?

And the tree would answer: Now

created by Michal Shmueli

performed by Michal Shmueli, Paulina Szczęsna and Georgina Edwards


they walk the lines

“This is a story about my sister, I feel her with me since before I was born…”


In the middle of that wild forest,

She asks

Who are the white that swallows of the truth?

She asks

What are the relations between death and light?

She asks

When is tomorrow? When is yesterday?

She asks

If freedom is a line, how to walk on it?

She asks

When would I be born another time?


written, directed and performed by Hui-Tsyr Yang



In her one-woman show, 
consisting of a story about family, 
she takes the audience into the world of masks.

written and performed by Maria Blanco


butterflies should fly

Behind my story, is another story and behind this story is an another story. 

What happens when they meet in the same place and the same time?

Well, they sing the same song.

directed by Paulina Szczęsna

performed by Georgina Edwards, Irene Hernando Etxeberria, Michal Schmueli, Paulina Szczęsna 



SACRILEGE! is an experiment in musical interaction: A classical voice meets an electric guitar to play masterpieces of Early Music.


at the heart

of things

'At the heart of things’ is a visual theatre performance inspired by Oscar Wilde's love letter 'De Profundis' that he wrote in Reading gaol in 1895 while facing charges of indecency. Many decades later, we tell the story of Lilli, a young woman, an artist, living in a dystopian world imprisoned by patriarchy and homophobia. We use dance, live music and garbage film to examine love, identity and what what lies 'at the heart of things' in an embodied reconstruction of De Profundis. 


sunday 26th may

Countless lives


sound and

video installation



Are you ready for a story full of joy, passion and rhythm...

written by Irene Hernando

performed by Luciano Percara and Irene Hernando


The Square .projecteternity can wait

An ongoing research into the square form and how this is transformed from an idea into an action, to a way of living, to habits, to spaces…even art.


What would you sacrifice for love?

Does “happy ending” exist?”

Is the impossible, possible?


These and many other questions of our hero, are popping up during his long and difficult journey.

Original idea, curation, design and co direction: Despoina Filippidou

Co-director: Luciano Percara

Devised and performed by: Despoina Filippidou, Kanchi Kamatchi Thangadurai, Hui Tsyr Yang



The father of Martin is home, looking to the garden from his window, 6 chickens & 1 new rooster.  


“The grass doesn’t get greener than this.”


Performed, created & directed by Jelle De Wit

Thanks to & Bjørn de Wildt



I'm 'the other'. You are 'the other'. Otherness comes through us and we become 'the others'

directed by Luciano Percara

performed by Georgina Edwards, Hui Tsyr Yang, Paulina Szczesna, Michal Schmueli, Jelle de Wit