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2021 Projects


Opening/Tarot Ceremony: 
Tuesday 15.06 and 
Wednesday 16.06 at 19:00 (15min)

Closing Ceremony:

Thursday 17.06 at 17:55 (15min)


The Things That Might Become

by Liz Bacon

Wednesday 16.06 at 15:40
Thursday 17.06 at 16:45

Runtime: 60min

David has been diagnosed with a rare, malignant brain tumour. As it progresses, his speech will become increasingly confused until eventually he will run out of words entirely.


David is referred to dance classes for ‘people with acquired brain trauma’. He has never danced before and can barely hold a rhythm. But to his family’s surprise, in the last year of his life, as he loses his ability to speak, David begins to dance.


This presentation will be somewhere between a reading, an experiment in staging, and a conversation about the research and process so far.

ARTISTS: Liz Bacon (writer, director, performer), Shai Cohen (performer), Lisa Ullrich (performer), Ash Willison (performer), Ben Wippel (performer), Tom Hayes (voiceover)


By Sarah Kaurin Jonassen

Tuesday 15.06 at 19:20
Wednesday 16.06 at 19:20
(Performed within "Evening Performances - Part 1")

Runtime: 20min

By 2012, 1 billion smartphones were in use worldwide, a revolution that has transformed our society forever. That which enables our sociality also isolates us. What connects us, disconnects us. And when we use it so much, where is the line between real life and screen life?


Sarah and Katie-Rose work with comedy, clowns, absurdity, surrealism and tragedy to create an absurd world on a vast, serious and ridiculous topic.

ARTISTS: Sarah Kaurin Jonassen (performer, creator), Katie-Rose Spence (performer, creator)


Traum aus Sand // Dreaming Sand

By Svenja Urke

Tuesday 15.06 at 20:20
Wednesday 16.06 at 19:50
(Performed within "Evening Performances - Part 1")

Runtime: 20min

Somewhere there in the dark she lives

long gone but still alive

and when we listen close enough

we will remember her.

While investigating female identity, this project dives into the mythological world of Lilith. It is in the searching, of story, song and meaning, exploring into the dark.

ARTISTS: Svenja Urke, Ashley Willison, Ellie Brewster, Lisa Ullrich, Violeta Natsi, Ron (Jimenez) Razon (music inspiration)

POMAD Pielian

By Pierre Bouvery

Wednesday 16.06 at 17:10
Thursday 17.06 at 16:00

Runtime: 15min

How does a clown become a man? Will his voice, through poetics, give him answers? Join Pielian the clown, as he tries his darndest to entertain at The Manliest Club in the universe. By the faces of Gemini, will Pielian play, eyes full of tears of unfiltered sorrow and laughter.

ARTISTS: Pierre Bouvery (creator)


Let's Mix It Up

By Jazmine Reynoso

Thursday 17.06 at 14:00

Runtime: 70min

An immersive and interactive piece that experiments with audience participation using their five senses. This exploration is an ongoing project for the artist, who battles with identity crisis, belonging, and racial imposter syndrome. She transposes her work at the moment, using the five senses and giving each sense their own atmosphere or importance for her audience to recognize. Through interviews with musicians, painters, poets, designers, writers, actors, illustrators, and theatre makers -- Jazmine noticed similar situations happening to these artists but at different stages of their lives. Soon enough, finding a common thread that links them together. Belonging. 


“To belong is in our nature as human beings.” - Millie Hall.

ARTISTS: Jazmine Reynoso (creator)

Band Practice

By Lisa Ullrich and Ash Willison

Tuesday 15.06 at 22:30
Wednesday 16.06 at 21:55
(Performed within "Evening Performances - Part 2")

Runtime: 15-20min

Where does inspiration come from? What is ownership? How can an audience really know what my process is? How do we counter the distance between? Is everything a reaction to something? Band practice is a synthesis of grappling with these questions. The information that feeds our practice is from all previous unfinished material we have created individually and together. 


By reorganizing elements of text, image, body, and sound we present a playful exploration of the collaborative process on one of our favorite playgrounds: music.

ARTISTS: Lisa Ullrich, Ashley Willison



By Shai Cohen

Tuesday 15.06 at 22:00

Thursday 17.06 at 21:25
(Performed within "Evening Performances - Part 2

Runtime: 25min

A journey that started in the first module this year is continuing in this piece. Inspired by the act of digging in the ground, I took the challenge to  take my images that exist in my imagination and drawings and manifest them in the 3D world.


A person sits in the bottom of his/her pit. 

one day, life knocks.

Memories, longings, pain, beauty…

everything that has been pushed away


ARTISTS: Shai Cohen (creator), Lisa Ullrich (performer), Ashley Willison (performer), Ben Wippel (performer), Bar Eran, Guy Yefet & Gideon Levy (music), Liz Bacon (collaborator)

An Exploration Into Women's Anger

By Ellie Brewster

Tuesday 15.06 at 21:20

Wednesday 16.06 at 20:50
(Performed within "Evening Performances - Part 2

Runtime: 20min

How many times have you witnessed a woman put herself down, repress or be shamed for her anger? By men, by other women or by the society that we live in...


The process began with conversations with real women about their relationships and experiences with anger. Through working with transcripts of these conversations, the ensemble discovered underlying qualities and questions within the texts. Collectively using voice, rhythm, movement, and painting as points of exploration. The hope is to create a space for these stories to live in all their strength, intimacy and truth. So that the audience may delve into the complexity of the anger that lives inside these women’s bodies.

ARTISTS: Ellie Brewster, Violeta Natsi, Jazmine Reynoso, Lisa Ullrich, Svenja Urke, Ashley Willison


The Kingdom And The Eye

By Violeta Natsi

Tuesday 15.06 at 19:50

Thursday 17.06 at 15:25

Runtime: 20min

An absurd comedy located somewhere in the middle ages. One princess, two fools, the plague and the cure are whirlpooling around a single object: a red theatrical curtain. A performance about illusion, reveal and sharing secrets.

ARTISTS: Violeta Natsi (director, writer, performer), Sam Fiorillo (writer, performer), Sasha Radlov (writer, performer)

Is She Hope?
Or: A Journey Through Inner and Outer Forests

By Marie Güsewell

Wednesday 16.06 at 14:00

Runtime: 70min

This is an installation piece that invites the audience into a moment of the artist’s research and creation journey.

The field of research for this project is vast, rich and complex – The forest.

The forest as a fundament for life on Earth. 

The forest as a refuge from the city and from loneliness. 

The forest as a place in danger due to deforestation and climate change.

The forest as a home of fairies, witches, wise women and other mythical beings. 

The forest as a place of transformation and initiation. 

The forest as a metaphor for how connections and interdependence are the roots of our life. 

The forest as an inner landscape. 

ARTISTS: Marie Güsewell (creator), Ash Willison and Shai Cohen (photographers, assistant installation construction)


Testing grounds: Rubb(ish)

By Juan Hurtado

Tuesday 15.06 at 21:00

Wednesday 16.06 at 20:30
(Performed within "Evening Performances - Part 2

Runtime: 15min

Let me tell you just one thing, you were born without wanting it, you have lived believing you were part of a society and yes, you are part of a society, of a consumer society and this society has consumed you, but you have realised (or maybe not), but it is too late, you are a piece of rubbish.

ARTISTS: Juan Hurtado (creator)

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