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Liz Bacon

Liz Bacon (she/her) is a performer, director, facilitator & writer working in the UK & Germany. She works mainly in devised performance & new writing, with a strong training in physical, ensemble & movement-based practices. Liz has created work through her own company Anything Other and with arts organizations including Barbican Centre, Central St Martins, Almeida Theatre, Synergy Theatre Project & Arts Ed. After completing her training with Arthaus Berlin, Liz is looking forward to ongoing international collaborations & making art in the in-between spaces: the spaces between movement & words, the spaces between community & professional work.


Pierre Bouvery

I am a French-American poet who writes with fantastical insights. I have incorporated physical theatre into my training repertoire expanding into performative poetry. I consider myself a Dadaist, a Surrealist, a Dark Clown, a Magic Man, and a reader of Tarot. My poetry seeks to capture your attention through piercing lenses.


Ellie Brewster

Originally from the UK, Ellie Brewster is a theatre-maker, performer and multi-disciplinary artist. She is currently based in Berlin completing her MFA in Advanced Devised Theatre. She is very playful in her work and values curiosity, intuition and honesty. Her ongoing research centres around female-identifying experiences working with compositional imagery and ensemble. After the festival, she hopes to continue her process by expanding her project to different regions with a diverse group of women and can’t wait to see where the journey will go from here.


Shai Cohen

I am an Israeli multidisciplinary artist. I’m drawn to physical theatre, clowning, puppetry and object theatre, as well as the worlds of illustration and animation. One clear thing that pulls me in my work is imagery and the aesthetic aspect of it. Until now I’ve found myself mainly working with ‘poor’ materials, such as cardboard, masking tape and ready made objects. I work with my intuition.

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Marie Güsewell

Marie Güsewell is a dramaturge, performer and facilitator. She also graduated, researched and works in the fields of social anthropology, intercultural communication, arts management and education. Marie is interested in exploring relations – between the one and the group, the inner and the outer, the human and the more-than-human world, longing and belonging, the personal and the social. She is drawn to the tragic as well as to the comical space, and to creating strong, poetic, female characters that live on the threshold between real and mythical worlds.


Juan Hurtado

Juan Hurtado was born in Argentina, Buenos Aires in 1987. He is an actor, singer, director and playwright. He graduated as an actor from the Municipal School of Dramatic Art in Buenos Aires. He studied lyric singing at the Juan José Castro provincial conservatory in Buenos Aires. He acted in some plays, directed some others, sang some concerts, wrote some plays and studied with some masters.
He currently lives in Berlin and plans to stay there until he is kicked out.


Sarah Kaurin Jonassen

Sarah Kaurin Jonassen is a Norwegian performance artist. Sarah has a BA in Performance studies and higher education in project and process management. Previously, she has worked with several cultural projects, such as the rehabilitation project “Help! I am free” in South Africa, a theatre training program with inmates in Pollsmoor Prison, Cape Town. She is now about to finish her MFA in Advanced Devising Practice. She works with absurd characters, comedy, sensuousness and topics such as modern human behavior.


Violeta Natsi

Violeta Natsi is a Berlin/Athens based actress and writer. Studied Physical Theater at Arthaus Berlin and Atelier für Physisches Theater. She completed a one-year training in the Linklater method and has been exploring various comedic devices in the improv, clown and stand up comedy scene of Athens and Berlin. She is developing a practice based on impulse liberation, deep listening and storytelling. Co-founder of EUDEC Greece. Speaks Greek, English and German.


Jazmine Reynoso

Jazmine Alicia Reynoso is a multicultural diverse artist trekking all the way from San Francisco, California. She is currently obtaining her MFA in Advanced Devised Theatre and Performance, but hopes to continue down the road as a practitioner with a PhD. She would like to thank and her fellow colleagues for helping her grow, create, and feel at home with each other these past two years. After the festival, she will embark on ambitious projects in Italy and Romania to pursue her artistic visions while extending her practices of devised theatre through a variety of artists.


Lisa Ullrich

I am an actor, singer, physical performer and theatre maker, currently living and working in Berlin. To me, performing and making theatre is a thrilling, playful and meaningful way to understand the world and myself in it. After training in Spain at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona and working as a stage and film actor in Frankfurt and London I am now making my own work in Berlin. After completing my two year devised theatre training at Arthaus Berlin, I look forward to following the work and where it will take me. 


Svenja Urke

Svenja Urke is a German theatre-maker and theatre-pedagogue, currently based in Berlin. She is about to finish her studies of `Devised Theatre and Performance` at Arthaus Berlin, a physical-theatre based training focussing collective creation. She also studied social work (ASH Berlin) and trained in the field of theatre-pedagogy (Arco Wiesbaden), searching to combine theatre and social projects. As a source of inspiration she took part in various workshops (e.g. Mimezentrum, Berlin) and theatre encounters (e.g. Encounter of Theatre of Opressed, Bolivia). Her theatrical interests are storytelling, song, ensemble- work, collective creation, the opening of spaces for dream and memory and the community-building potential of theatre.


Ash Willison

Ash is a collaborative artist currently exploring the convergence of disciplines through transposition and transformation. From the dusty theatre classroom in her childhood city Kampala, Ash’s international upbringing has led her to cultivate many artistic mediums. Her  practice is rooted in the transcendent language of the body, and the belief in art is a means and not an ends. She hopes to be in Berlin for a while…

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Katharina von Sohlern

Katharina is a performer, facilitator and strategic designer whose work lies at the intersection of innovation, design and culture. She focuses on creating spaces of exchange to foster social change and expose social injustices. She is part of the vocal performance collective Heart Chor and performs as DJ. 

With her collaborative research project „Unsee the known“ she combines critical design, performance art, and gender studies to trace how patriarchal power structures are reflected in the design of everyday objects.

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